Damn you Pinterest! Damn you to hell! Oh, and happy Valentines Day!

So I saw this really cute idea on Pinterest for Valentines Day cards, which I tried to replicate. 

Cute, right? 

Yes, cute until you have to make 29. 



That's cutting out and taping 87 hand prints, cutting out and taping 87 faces, and addressing 29 envelopes. 

I had my own little sweat shop set up in the dining room.  Ellie kept complaining that her hand was hurting from drawing pictures on the covers. 

So I tried to psyche her out by saying, "Only one more!  Only one more!  You can do it!  This one's for Nana!"  In reality there were like 200 more. 

I thought I was free of permanent psychological damage until I inspected her work and saw what was supposed to be her "Happy Valentines Day faces."
Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Beth Thomason said...

i keep forgetting to tell you thank you for ours-Tucker will pick it up and say Hannay's babies!

Rita Templeton said...

That's the same face I make at the whole "cute-and-creative-Valentine-making" thing.

Julia said...

thanks for sending one our way - so cute!

Maggie Mason said...

HA! This is me and Halloween. No, you cannot have a licensed character costume, I made this with my glue gun. PUT THIS ON!!!

Hannah said...

Ummmm, holy Michael Jackson... Mighty Girl just commented on my blog. No big d. You're only the reason I started blogging in the first place. God bless us, everyone!

eli said...

Now you know that "art therapy" will work well on her.

"Ellie, draw how you're feeling about the fact that mommy drinks her dinner." And before you know it, she'll be drawing thunderstorms and sad faces.