Dropping the Ball


Unlike many people, I am a big fan of new year's resolutions.  Yes, it's true that most will be broken before the previous night's hangover fades into oblivion, but I figure the happiness that a few hours of thinking you'll soon be 50 pounds lighter provides is better than nothing. 

Last year I had two resolutions:  1.  Shower every day, preferably in the morning, and 2.  Make dinner at least three nights per week. 

Which might not seem like much to you, but when you're sitting on the couch smelling like ass eating Chinese take-out for the third night in a row it starts to wear on your self image. 

And, I can happily report that both have been a success.  A few small changes to my daily routine and I'm fresh as a rose dropping a hunk of something into the crock pot almost every day. 

But this year, there I was - almost a week into the new year and I was stuck.  I spent the last two weeks racking my brain.

Drink less wine?  Well, yeah but I'd also like my family to live to see another day.

Exercise more?  Gross.  Besides, I already work out two hours a week. 

Have more patience with my kids?  I mean, sure - but what do I look like?  A miracle worker?

Cut back on the time I spend playing Words With Friends online?  No more peanut butter out of the jar?  Floss?  Lose 10 pounds?  Stop cheating at Candy Land?  Start a random acts of kindness initiative?  Learn a cool parlor trick?  Stop parking in handicap spots?

None of those things sounded even remotely appealing to me.        

A friend of mine told me her resolution was to stop worrying about things she can't control.  And that's just about the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. Things you can't control are the only things you should worry about.  Why would you worry about things you can control, like whether to have fried Twinkies or a salad for lunch?  You make the decision you want and move on - no worrying necessary. 

So after much consideration I came up with two things:

Wait.  You're probably expecting something funny, or sarcastic, but I'm just warning you these are just regular old things so don't be disappointed. 

So after much consideration I came up with two things:

1.  Make a daily journal for each of my three girls and write down one thing every day that I'll want to remember in 50 years, and

2.  Remember my friends' and family's birthdays and send hand written cards.

I wanted things that didn't require too much of a daily time investment, and things that I always wished I did after the moment had passed. 

Also, things that when other people see, make me look like a Mom who "has her shit together", or "isn't on the verge of a nervous breakdown."

Which is pretty much the motivation behind every decision I make anyway. 


Beth Thomason said...

you should do a "make up" birthday and send me something nice to make up for last year-i like gift cards, wine and offers to babysit-

Hannah said...

I said card, not presents that you're never going to get.

Kimberly said...

Hannah - did you have a good recipes you want to share?

Hannah said...

Possibly - how strong is your gag reflex?

Denise Bertacchi said...

I need to work on the shower every morning thing. Sometimes I end up in the shower at 5pm because I don't want my husband to see what a mess I was all day.

The journal is a good idea. I should resolve to catch up on my scrapbooks. I was looking for a photo of me 10 years ago--for a blog hop assignment--and discovered that I never finished my 2nd kid's baby book. And my 8th graders Cub Scout book has been about 80% done for a couple years now.

Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain said...

I'm doing the card thing. I ordered a bunch of birthday card sets but they are backordered so I'll probably drop the ball by next week when I actually have to step foot in a store.

Hannah said...

Denise - I just saw something funny that said, "That moment when you take a shower at 5pm and you don't know if you should get into your pj's or clothes." Luckily I spend most of the day in my "uniform" - yoga pants and a t-shirt. Did I just get out of bed or just finish at the gym? No one will ever know.

Hannah said...

Jen - that's a good idea - order all the cards at once so I have them on hand when I remember I forgot to send them.

Julia P F said...

You MUST cheat at Candyland. That shit never ever ends! I always wondered why my mom would shuffle the cards in the kitchen when we played. Now I shuffle in the kitchen. Also, Chutes and Ladders requires special math. It's just as bad.