Hurricane Sandy made landfall in my belly (and also a fun give a way)


The past 48 hours have taken 3 years off the life of my lower intestine.

It started yesterday when I ate all the kids' Halloween candy. What began as an innocent breakfast dessert turned into me behind a locked bathroom door dumping candy corn crumbs into my mouth like a starving baby bird swallowing a worm.

As a kid I always wondered why the adults thought it was so dang funny to act like they were taking my candy.  It's because they were testing me to see how much of a fuss I was going to make when it actually happened. 

After I ate all the candy I went to Chick-Fil-A. I know, I know. I don't agree with the organizations they've given money to and I told you I swore them off forever but I have an addiction people! I can't just quit cold turkey. Or at all.

Then I had a big bowl of white chicken chili for a mid-afternoon snack.  Then as I was taking the empty candy wrappers from the morning to the neighbor's trash can still out on their curb I found a full sized Hershey bar in the street that must have fallen out of someone's Halloween bag and obviously I ate it. 

Then last night I took Ellie on a date night to AMC West Olive's new dine-in theater to see Madagascar 3.  Where, in true date night with a 3-year-old fashion, we ordered Parmesan fries, an Asian steak and shrimp bowl as big as my head, grilled cheese, and... well, this:

I don't know what it was.  It had ice cream, waffles covered in some sort of carmel crunchy stuff, was covered in bacon and called me this morning asking for child support. 

Two hours later, as I was gripping the sides of the toilet wishing I was dead, I remembered I had a doctor's appointment this morning.  An annual physical where they weigh you and take blood work and stuff.  I'm already preparing myself for the call from my insurance company telling me I'm fired because I only have 4 hours left to live.

But in those 4 hours I will tell you that the new movie theater was really fun.  You get your own personal server and get to eat dinner right there in the theater, without having to get up to get refills or anything. 

They're having a grand opening event on Monday, November 5 at 9am and the first 100 people in line will get free movies and appetizers for a year!

Get more info here, and if you go and happen to run into that bacon waffle ice cream thingie tell him the check's in the mail.

Disclosure:  I was provided goods, services and/or compensation for promoting this product or event.  All thoughts are my own.   


Beth Thomason said...

BAcon and ice cream?? sounds like heaven....if on my death bed and i can't speak i want you to shove that into my mouth with a straw-oh yeah don't forget to sprinkle some cheese on it too-

ksneffphotography said...

Oh my gosh,i am crying laughing reading your blog...this is so much better than television! Thanks!

ksneffphotography said...

Oh my gosh,i am crying laughing reading your blog...this is so much better than television! Thanks!