Vacation all I ever wanted

Last week was kind of a big deal around here.  I hate to brag, but Nick and I just got back from a 6-day vacation to the Ozarks.  Beautiful rolling hills overpopulated with deer crazier than a motherfucker,

stunning golf courses conveniently situated in between a high school football stadium and an interstate,

and Sundays are all you can smoke meth night down at the Painted Pony.

Try not to be too jealous. 

The vacation kicked off with us slowing the van down just enough to safely toss the girls onto my parents' driveway and speed away before anybody had a change of heart. 

Wait, that's not true. 

The vacation actually kicked off with me running around the house like a yahoo, sweat pouring down my back, as I frantically packed 6 days' worth of clothes and diapers and bottles and baby food and coolers and lots and lots and lots of other stuff for myself and three little girls. 

But I would like to take this opportunity to give some major props to my Husband The Helper - as he walked out the door that morning he said, "You can just leave the suitcase on the bed and I'll throw my stuff in before we go.  Oh and can you pick me up some Boulevard beer?" 

That darn rascal. 

Anyhoo, some highlights from our first vacation not involving someone having a baby include:
  • Going to the movies twice
  • Ordering the big popcorn at the movies
  • Mentally working through a Family Exit/Lake House Mansion Entry Strategy as I stared catatonically at the lake
  • Trying on some of the latest fall fashions at the outlet mall
  • And finally, discovering two of my friends are actually robots disguised as people
In case you are too distracted from the snack cake avalanche on the table in front of us:

It was also Lila's birthday last week, which was good timing because box cake eased a bit of the sting associated with picking up the kids. 

Now we're just left with the problem of every future vacation being a huge disappointment because wee doggies let me tell ya it was a party a minute.  Vegas has nothing on the chicken noodle soup and red wine offered at the Columbia Residence Inn complimentary happy hour. 

Maybe next year we'll get super freaky and go to Branson.     


Unknown said...

Girl any trip with only adults is bound to be a good trip.. just sayin'. Mine are in their teens and one is 20 and I still need time away..

Hannah said...

Amen sister!

Julia P F said...

I've heard Kansas City is almost the same as Vegas... Just sayin...congrats on the kid free vacay! My fav time of our family vacay this year was when I left my kid and husband at the hotel and ventured out alone!