Now, you all know that I'm not one to be all "Hey!  You know what sounds like fun?  Looking at some more pictures of my kids today!"
Well, maybe once in a while.  But after 32 years of being kid-less I know that nobody gives a crap about pictures of other people's kids. 

But this is really weird. 

So I posted this video of Hadley on my Facebook page last week of her saying her first word.  Which was technically two words - "hi babe". 

But then, and I'm not kidding, I SWEAR I've been hearing her say random words non stop since then.  Big words.  Like words that make sense where they're supposed to go.  I've stopped walking around the house naked because I feel like I'm being Punk'd. 

This morning I finally caught one on tape.  Listen for yourself and tell me I'm wrong. 

It would be adorable if it weren't so creepy.  It kind of reminds me of that dog that howls the words "I love you".  But it's more like "A ru ru ru".  And you're left wondering if the dog actually has any clue what it's saying, or has just eaten so many Milk Bones after howling the right syllables at the right time that it does it for a sure fire snack. 

And so now I'M left wondering - are these 'words' just babbling that my ears are interpreting as words?  Is she just mimicking sounds?  Is she possessed by the spirit of my dead Grandmother trying to send me a message?  Tell me what you have to say, Mimi.  Give it to me straight.  Especially if it involves a coffee can of cash buried out by the well house.


Unknown said...

no she said hello I heard that.. I think it is adorable.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh! So wild! So cute too.