The Fizzle

From what I hear, I had an awesome time at the Snoop Dogg concert last Friday night. 
The concert was at Pop's, which isn't the type of place you go if you want to feel like you are not going to die. 
Of course we were in the front row and I'm pretty sure Snoop recognized me from my blog. 

See how he's looking at me and waving?

Because we were so close to the action, the first thing I decided to do was make some allies with everyone around me in case the shit went down. 

Actually, that's not true.  The first thing I did was shot gun a Natty Light tall boy so if I found myself in the middle of a gang bang I would at least die happy. 

The beers did the trick and before I knew it I had made lots and lots of friends.  Making friends is just another way of saying that I poked some strangers in the cheek and told them I liked their gold teeth.  A move which was misinterpreted by one gentleman who asked me for my number.  Apparently I needed to be more careful about straddling the line between putting out my prowess vibe and putting out my 'please take a bullet for me while I push you out of my way and scream as I run out the door' vibe. 

However, as I type this my memory is jogged a little and I realize he may not have been asking for my number so much as telling me to please leave him alone and stop asking him for drugs we're not in college any more.  And please breathe the other way because he's getting drunk off my breath. 

But I prefer to remember it as the first one.      

I was also pretty sure that at some point during the concert I was going to try to sprint past the bouncers and make a sad attempt to get on the stage and I was going to need some moral support and encouragement from those around me that Snoop would be super stoked to give me the microphone and show everyone what I've got. 

And that may or may not have happened.  Things are sort of a jumbled blur after the Natty Light tall boys. 
But as it turns out I had nothing to worry about and the parts I can remember were really awesome. 

The truly terrifying parts actually came the next morning when I had to get up at 6am and take care of three little kids.  And by 'take care' I mean encourage them to zone out to Sesame Street while I Googled things like "can I reverse permanent hearing loss" and "why are the whites of my eyes the color of kitten's blood".

The silver lining is that I'm finally starting to establish some decent street cred at play dates. 



dancewpaula said...

I remember it as you trying to whore me out to the bouncers to get on stage, while I informed you that I was perfectly fine standing ten feet in front of Snoop as opposed to getting stabbed in the neck by one of his backup dancers.