The crock

Before I got my cooking skills

I never ever ever thought I'd be writing this post.  Ever.  Ever.


Before I started my weight loss journey in January I had LITERALLY used an oven a handful of times.  Three times to make my kids' birthday cakes, twice for a frozen pizza and once for frozen taquitos for my housewarming party in 2004. 

My New Years resolution was to cook three nights a week, and so far I've stuck to it.  I credit cooking at home with a large part of my weight loss.  Who knew eating Taco Bell twice a day could lead to "obesity", "diabetes" and "heart failure"? 

When I write I tend to put quotes around things that may lead to death. 

Granted, 99% of what "I cook" are super easy crock pot meals, but you've gotta start somewhere.  And it works because I can start them around 2:30, when the kids are napping and less likely to crawl up my legs the minute they hear me bang a pot in the kitchen. 

Pinterest (click. follow. love.) has been my endless well of awesome recipes, so I thought I'd share my favorites with you.  You'll love them even if you're culinarily challenged, like me.  I've made between 25-30 crock pot dinners since January, but these are the favorite of the favorite: 

My favorite - chicken Parmesan

A close second - honey sesame chicken

Nick's favorite - Cajun shrimp (I use Zataran's red beans and rice)

Rikki's favorite (my niece/former helper) - French dip subs

Easiest - meatloaf

The kids' favorite - teriyaki chicken

The best for a dinner party - lasagna

Healthiest* - fish tacos (not a crock pot recipe)

My favorite non-crock pot recipe - chicken piccata - I mean, SERIOUSLY.  Try this.  It is the bomb diddy. 

I know this isn't 'that' kind of blog, but I'd love if you'd share your favorites from the crock pot so I can branch out.  Or if you try any of the above let me know what you think!

*I have no clue if this is actually the healthiest.  But it has fish and veggies and stuff. 


KaF said...

This is one of my husband's favorites. And easy! Enjoy!