I can feel it coming in the air tonight

Well, lookie there. 

Actually, my phone weighs .2 pounds - here's my official weigh in:

And, if you recall, here's where I started:

And here's my official last picture in this god forsaken outfit. 

If you want to see the week by week, you can check out my album on my Facebook page

And, if you've been following long enough - you'll remember the Pants of Truth... well here they are. 

Yes.  I know I look hot.  In fact... hell.  I'll just go ahead and publish a picture of me in my swimsuit. 

Well enough talk.  More Doritos Locos Taco.

Hey there. Need a ride? 
  Oh, come on - looks like rain.

So, where to?

Oh don't worry - they're cool. 

Kids - this is Uncle Taco.   

Say, wanna come over and see my rock collection?

It's in the bedroom. 

Wanna watch Jon Stewart or something?  

Oh, don't worry about him. He won't be home for like, a million hours. 

No... say it in Spanish.

Seriously - put it on. I'm like, SUPER fertile.


Wait... on second thought...

Leave it off. 

Geez- I'm really embarrassed.  I usually don't eat so... fast. 


Gosh this is awkward.  I've got an early meeting - I should probably call you a cab. 

Woah woah woah - who's your little friend?


Let's just say it was a rough 17 weeks, but today totally made up for it. 


Anonymous said...
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michelle said...

Slightly sick and disturbing. Mostly hilarious and genius.

CarrieS. said...

I love you.

dancewpaula said...

Just don't start whoring around with my lover, cheese fries.