And now the moment you've all been waiting for

Our first ever professional family photo session went better than I expected.  In fact, in the grand scheme of the history of the universe it's not the worst thing that's ever happened on Earth:

1.  Khmer Rouge Cambodian genocide
2.  The Holocaust
3.  Battle of Gettysburg
4.  Prohibition
5.  Spanish Inquisition
6.  Ghangis Kahn
7.  Mayer family photo session
8.  The Plague
9.  Asteroid renders dinosaurs extinct
10.  Nickelback 

Our session was with my friend Karen, who is probably the most awesome photographer in the history of the world.  She's a Mom of three herself and has this super magic Jedi mind trick she unleashes on kids to make them behave, smile and even pose. 

I mean, I chase my kids around all day long with my camera and they're all "Leave me alone!" or "I swear I'll smile pretty this time - please stop hitting me!"   

But I usually just end up with stuff like this:

Or this:

Or this:

And it kills me because I want so badly to capture their charm, their budding personalities, their sparkle.  I see it every day, and it changes so quickly, right before my eyes.  There are mornings I'll walk into their bedroom and they'll somehow look older than the night before.

Life is moving at the speed of light right now and I just want to freeze time, collect all the good stuff in a bottle and lock it away so that when they're older I can uncork it and be taken right back to that very moment in time. 

I want to remember Ellie's little buck teeth the minute she breaks into a smile.

And that expression on Hadley's face when she's trying to figure something out.
Or that twinkle in Lila's eye when she's taking a particularly massive dump.  


Or how I feel when we're all together.  And Nick is in the car feeding Hadley a bottle because she started screaming balls ten minutes after we started taking pictures.   

But try as I might, I always end up looking back through the photos I take and feel like I've missed it.  It's elusive.  But Karen gets it.  Literally.  Like magic, she captures it and through photos brings them to life and now I know I've got it, the best of my kids, their beautiful little souls, forever young.

Legally I have to tell you that Karen hooked me up with a free session in exchange for sharing my awesome pictures with you.  But, don't be too jealous because you too can win a FREE SESSION.  She's going to be randomly selecting one of her lucky Facebook fans this Friday at noon (obviously the winner will have to live in the St. Louis area. Or be okay with driving cross country with your family.) 

So go to her page, like her page, and LOVE her like I do. 

And even if you're not the grand prize winner, she's offering $50 off a session fee for any one of her Facebook fans who books a session for the month of June.  Go ahead - check out her site to see her awesomeness.   

I promise she'll make even the most harried of moments look like you have everything under control. 

Contest details:  Winner will be randomly selected at 12:00pm CST on Friday, June 1 2012 and notified via Facebook by 12:00pm CST on Monday, June 4.  Prize must be redeemed at a mutually agreed upon time and location within the St. Louis metro area by December 31, 2012.  Prize does not include any prints or electronic files.  Prize not valid for weddings portraits.  No cash value.        


Unknown said...

The turned out beautiful hun. LOVE the tulle dresses soo stinking adorable

Nicole said... there any way to enter if you don't have a facebook account??! I know, I'm probably the only person in the world that doesn't have one. I would love to win this though!

Andi said...

Nicole....I thought I was the only one!

Hannah - love the pictures! Esp the dresses ;)

Hannah said...

Do you have any friends or family on Facebook who could enter for you?

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! We have really never got any professional pics so I would love to get them done!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and 100% agree with you on Nickelback. Ugh.