A while back I started a new segment called Winterest, where I show you things I try to do that I find on Pinterest

Some are good, and some are fails.  Most are fails.   

Since the cyber legality of showing you someone else's picture that I emulated is a little "sketchy", I just decided to show you my finished project... 

...a bow holder for the bathroom.  Now Nick has a place to hold all of his bows.  The pink leopard one is his favorite.  He says it brings out his eyes. 

I bought the frame and ribbon at Wal-Mart, and the stickers from Art Mart.  Ellie and Lila helped by picking out the frame, holding the ribbon for me and putting on the stickers.

Happy weekend!   


Kimberly said...

Hannah - I like it!

Beth Thomason said...

Hey Khale needs one for his hair stuff too-think you could make another hehe!
really cute!