Nine and three quarters

Nick:  So explain to me again why you're drinking that tea to make yourself go into labor when you have a c-section scheduled next Tuesday?

Me:  Because I'm miserable!  I need to get this baby out STAT. 

Nick:  So why don't you just move up the c-section?

Me:  No!  I don't want the baby to come before it's ready!  I want it to come out on its own time.  You can't rush these things - it has to get good and cooked.

Nick:  Oh.  (turns back around to watch Ghost Adventures). 

Nick:  Why are you drinking the tea again? 

Me:  Look.  I am nine and three-quarters months pregnant.  It's not my job to make sense right now.  Now run to the store and get me some red velvet cupcakes and a container of bacon bits.  


Unknown said...

I am feeling your pain girl! Got my induction moved up to this Friday but only because u/s shows he is already N I N E pounds....I have been celebrating the end of my hoo-hah with a veritable smorgasbord of chee-tos, grape water, and a container of cream cheese icing with peanut butter balls. Cheers.

Beth Thomason said...

I know you are so ready to get this little nugget out but you look great! Can't wait to meet him-see you this afternoon! :)

Hannah said...

Oh Amanda! Is this your first or has an older sibling helped to "pave the way"... so to speak? I've also been celebrating, but just the end of my big out sessions. Last night I had a XXL burrito from Taco Bell. I figure why not go down in a blaze of glory?

Hannah said...

Beth - oh how glorious that would be. Too bad we have to waste one of your visits on me being in the hospital - it would be awesome if we could do some shopping or something. Maybe the hospital gift shop will have some holiday gift ideas.