So Lila sprouted her eye teeth before her front ones, making her look like the cutest little vampire just in time for Halloween. 

Let me show you a picture. 

Hang on, I think you can get a better idea if I angle her this way...

Wait wait - maybe we should go outside and get some natural light so you can really get the full impact of these chompers. 

Well, that picture really doesn't do them justice. 

Here now.. just lay back here and cooperate... show the people your fangs like a nice little baby.

 Okay... maybe if I tease her with food... 

LISTEN!  I'm trying to run a blog here, dammit!  Do you have any idea what kind of competition I'm up against to be funny?  Now open up wider... and be funny about it!

That's more like it.  See?  Isn't that hilarious?