To Lillian on her first birthday

Dear Lila,

Yesterday you turned one.  9/11 is not a date most would associate with celebrating, but the sparkly laughter you bring to our lives every day gives us the perfect reason to turn a normally sober day into one of happy rejoice.

Flanked very closely in the front by an extremely opinionated and outspoken 27-month-old, and even closer in the back by a soon to be all-consuming newborn sibling, my greatest challenge in life will be to not accidentally leave you behind in the grocery store.

Patience is a virtue you've had to learn the hard way, as certain members of our family did not exactly welcome you into our home with open arms. 

But you've been quietly biding your time and your diligence has paid off, as you've been able to charm even your harshest critics.

I'm positive that in no time at all Ellie will be reciprocating the unconditional admiration and awe I see in your eyes every time you look at her.  Either that or you're going to have to continue to maintain your Sumo wrestler diet, outgrow her and physically force her to love you. 

With the exception of growing hair, everything seems to come so easily for you.  Rolling over, popping out your first tooth, crawling and taking your first steps all just sort of happened with little encouragement and as much fanfare as I could squeeze in between burning macaroni and cheese and cleaning poop out of the bathtub. 

It's already obvious that you'll never know a stranger.  Within moments of dropping you off in the gym nursery you've introduced yourself to every other child and convinced them to vote for you in 2048.  Like a little ray of sunshine, wherever we go your magnetic energy seems to pull people across rooms to get closer to you.  

I could stare at you for hours as you lay sleeping in your crib, and your squeal when I walk in your room first thing in the morning is a noise that will warm my heart when I'm 100, laying in bed and thinking of everything in my life that I did right.  

I can't wait to see where this life takes you and watch as you grow and learn, knowing that you'll be teaching me just as much about how to relax and roll with the punches life throws.  Whatever path you choose, know that I'll be your biggest fan.  

Even if right now that path is looking a little sketchy.      

Please understand that if you DO become a stripper I will be front and center at every show, announcing to each person putting a dollar bill in your underwear that you once pooped up to your neck.

Happy birthday. 




Leslie said...

That video is the best one .... EVER!!!