Pillow Talk: Part 3

Me:  Jesus!  This is ridiculous!  Our neighbors' music is SO LOUD!  It's 10:30 at night for goodness sake! 

Nick:  Oh my god are you kidding me?  I JUST fell asleep. 

*me walking over to window and pulling up the blinds*

Me:  And there's a lot of people walking around and loud talking and stuff.  Unbelievable!

Nick (mumbles and turns over):  It sounds like a good time.

*me pressing my nose into the window pane*

Me:  And look, there's a keg!  This thing is going to go on all night!  The nerve!  Just listen!

*me opening window*

Nick:  It's Friday.  It sounds like what normal people do on a Friday night.

Me:  That's not bothering you? Listen to how loud that music is when I opened the window.

Nick:  No, it's not bothering me.

Me:  But it's keeping us awake! 

Nick:  There's only one bothering me right now.

Me:  I caution you to be very, very careful about what you say next, keeping in mind that now that I'm pregnant with our third and final child I no longer have any incentive to have sex with you ever again.

Nick:  zzzzzzzz