Jerrica Benton

So since my nose ring got the official thumbs down (though only by one vote, so don't rest too easy yet Dad - that ship is far from sailing) I decided to go another route with my whole I'm Going To Do Everything I Wanted To Do But Couldn't When I Had A Day Job phase:

I took that second picture using my rear view mirror - notice the car seat in the back.  Kinda adds an extra element of danger, huh? 

My Fancy Friend Paula has had purple streaks in her hair for months now, but it wasn't until I had dinner with High School Heidi (yes, the same one who fed Ellie the fated tortilla chip that required me to give her the Heimlich in the middle of El Maguey) and saw she had some awesome streaks that I realized I needed some too. 

It actually took a 10-minute phone call with My Single Friend Carrie of

"Are you serious?"


"You're serious."


"Really serious."


before she believed I was really serious.  And I needed to be because this is permanent.  A little detail she let me know as she was pouring it on.  As in... there's no way to get it out other than cutting.

Good thing it turned out super fly. 


Stefany T said...

LOVE it... but I still vote for a nose ring in the future. :)

Hannah said...

I am laughing my ass off right now Stef because I was thinking of you as I was typing this. It's probably going to happen, though not until after the dust settles from baby #3.

dancewpaula said...

I realize my fancy status made the streaks questionable, but I have to take my street cred where I can get it. Being Mexican isn't enough these days when you live in West County ;) Welcome to the club. Now be prepared for strangers to touch your hair.

Kimberly said...

super cute Hannah!!!