On Saturday I learned the single most important and effective and beautiful method of parenting that has ever existed in the history of children. 


And I am unapologetically leveraging it to the max. 

We headed downtown for the grand opening of the Delta Dental Health Theatre, which was awesome. 

Awesome because they're doing some great things for kids health, but more awesome because Ellie's personal hero and mentor, Dora, was going to be there. 

It started with a simple, "Dora likes girls who eat their pancakes!" that morning, and before I knew what was happening I was using it for everything.  "Dora doesn't like little girls who pick their noses!"  "Dora called and wanted you to rub mommy's feet!".

It was really working.  I mean, anything that Dora likes Ellie did. 

I decided not to let the magic end with the event - I had unlocked the key to parental success. 

Tonight it was "Eat your grilled cheese - Dora made it!"  Gone within seconds. 

I am a genius. 

As long as she continues to like Dora. 


Veronica said...

Eh, you can just change it to whichever character she likes later in life. If she were a 13 year old you could say, "Justin Bieber really likes girls who wear deodorant." And, "I saw in a magazine that JBiebs loves his mom and doesn't mind being seen with her in public."

Unknown said...

You are brilliant. Handy Manny is making dinner tonight. Hopefully, the two year old decides to eat it.

CarrieS. said...

Bob always says...Jose Cuervo said you need to eat all of your Lima beans. Works on me.

Kimberly said...

That Dora looks creepy!!

Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain said...

I totally did the same thing. When Dora was being led back to the building, I told Allison she was going to take a nap. Her response? "Allison nap, too!"

Hannah said...

Yes, that Dora was a little creepy. Something about the color of her skin - it looked like she had been hitting up the spray tan booth a little too long. It was about 108 that day - the person inside was probably roasting like a turkey.