Sucker punch

This morning Lila and I had our first fight. 

We decided to check out the Discovery Room at the Science Center which, by the way, is a really nice way to spend a hot morning. 

Anyhoo, we walked in and the minute Lila saw all the toys she was like "SMORGASBORD BONSAI!!!"  and bolted away from me in search of some good eats.

I mean seriously, nothing was off limits.  Every time I pulled something out of her mouth two more things went in.  Also every time I pulled something out and told her she was embarrassing us with her ape like manners she gave me this face.

This face was also punctuated with her chubby little arm taking a swat at my face, which is a new and fun development I'm really excited about. 

Realizing I was fighting an uphill battle I decided to do what I do best and give up.  I just sat on the stool and watched her, yelling stuff like, "Oh good... you're going to shove that in your trap too?  It should taste really good because I just saw some kid step on it.  You know, why stop at the balls?  Let's swing by the bathrooms on our way out and give your little palette a real culinary treat." 

Clearly Ellie was as mortified as I was.  After a while we both just pretended like we had no idea who she was.     

And everyone was happy. 

Until someone comes down with a case of the itis.