Work day

I love when the girls nap at the same time. I get to watch Sex and the City while IM'ing my friends.

hannahmayer1515: oh sick. I don't want to hear about your sex life.
Jamie Rule: you owe me. Remember when you called me and described your little “problem”
hannahmayer1515: you've gotten me back more than enough times
Jamie Rule: I don't think so.
Jamie Rule: You flashed me with your boobs.
Jamie Rule: I've been in counseling.
hannahmayer1515: oh yeah
hannahmayer1515: at Victoria's Secret when I sprang out of the dressing room wearing that thing
hannahmayer1515: hahahaha the look on your face still cracks me up
Jamie Rule: sometimes I can't sleep at night.
hannahmayer1515: that was awesome
Jamie Rule: yeah, not awesome.
hannahmayer1515: you should just be thankful it was pre-baby boobs
hannahmayer1515: think of the therapy you'd have now with these mamma jammas
Jamie Rule: I don't think my mind cares.
Jamie Rule: I'm just lucky you weren't close enough to hit me with them.
hannahmayer1515: yeah
hannahmayer1515: they would have only hit you if you were laying on the floor
hannahmayer1515: you should be glad you were out of the way
Jamie Rule: I kneel by my bed every night and thank the lord for just that.
hannahmayer1515: haha
Jamie Rule: then curse him for making me see them in the first place.
Jamie Rule: and then I spit on the floor where I was kneeling.
Jamie Rule: and stomp my feet.
hannahmayer1515: yes, i know you're upset you saw them because you now know what perfection looks like and you'll never be able to achieve it.
Jamie Rule: I wake up dry heaving.
hannahmayer1515: perfection