The shizzle

This weekend Nick and I took the girls on a very enjoyable four and a half hour road trip to visit our friends Rick and Laura.

And when I say very enjoyable I mean I was questioning the majority of my life's choices after about 30 minutes in the car.

After about 45 minutes Ellie rolled down the window and tried to use her stuffed dog as a tool to repel to freedom.

Of course we had already stopped at the 7-11 for Nick's daily gallon of Diet Dr. Pepper before he started having seizures from aspertame withdrawl and he was thoughtful enough to pick me up a special edition of Hip Hop weekly with a spotlight on Snoop to pass the time on the road.

It had a pull-out poster.

But when your daughter wants to barrel roll down a freeway you have no option but to sacrifice your own happiness and provide her with whatever her highness wishes.

You can see where this is going.

When we arrived at Rick and Laura's a teardrop tattoo had appeared on the corner of her eye and as we walked inside she called Laura a trick ass bitch and told her to hook her up with some Cointreau.

Lucky for all of us after a few drinks she settled down and a fun time was had by all.


Leslie said...

I hope to have a child as dope as yours someday

beth said...

By all means please bring the hip hop weekly this weekend!

Amy Trapp said...

Love the pic! Will have to pic up a few issues for my next trip!

Not sure if you've seen my FB updates lately, but my boys are going old school -- Michael Jackson's Thriller is one of their favorites.

However, this weekend, even he lost out to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance -- 3yo can surf YouTube quite well on his own....scary!