So I know a lot of you are disgruntled by my lack of posting this week. But trust me when I tell you that it wasn't for lack of trying.

Every time I sat down on the couch, cracked open a Freezie Pop (I like to eat them when I'm thinking) and opened up my laptop the most interesting thing I had to write about was that I was able to condense four loads of laundry down to one by stuffing all the clothes into the washer at once. The clothes aren't necessarily what one might call "clean", but I was pleased that I figured out a way to save myself about two hours and three trips up and down the basement stairs.

Tomorrow I'm running in my first 5K, and I'm crapping my pants because I have not really been "training". Yes, I've been running on the treadmill, but that's a lot different than running outside. The treadmill you have to physically make a decision to go uphill, and who in their right mind would do that? You also have a conveyor belt helping your little feet along - something that the sidewalk does not offer.

And most importantly, you can hop off at any time and go to the bathroom in the glorious privacy of a stall vs. the bushes at Old Warson Country Club (not that I've ever done that...)

My goal when I agreed to do this with my friend Christina was to finish in 30 minutes. I was running pretty regularly and came close to the 30-minute mark a couple of times. She had never run a day in her life and downloaded some program off the internet to help her train.

Now the tables have turned; I haven't run outside in weeks and she told me yesterday she has physically transformed into Flo Jo.

This is gonna be interesting. If nothing else I'll have something to write about on Monday - hopefully it's not how I spent the night in jail for pooping in the bushes.


MommyLovesStilettos said...

I did that once. Ran inside on the treadmill and didn't train at all outside. Even though I didn't train I made it through on adrenaline. And I really had to poop so I had to get to the end! ;)

Andi said...

which 5k are you running? at least the weather will be cool that day - good luck!!

Hannah said...

It's a Parents as Teachers fundraiser somewhere out west in BFE.

Unknown said...

I have just started training for a 5K in May. I'm pretty sure I am gonna die. I'm not a runner but I'm going to give it my best shot! maybe.

Veronica said...

Running? Pshh! I prefer my Oreo arm bends. I have four more months, of guiltless eating before I'll care what the scale says and whether I can walk up the stairs without bending over and panting from the experience.