The good egg


This morning while talking to my sister Beth:

Beth: I just spent $74 on gas!

Me: Holy cow - how many gallons is your tank?

Beth: Well I also bought some beer.

Me: Of course you did.

Beth: And some lotto tickets.

Me: Why do you waste your money on that junk?

Beth: Because I truly believe, deep down in my heart, that I'm going to win. I don't need to win the mega millions or anything. I just need about 2 - 3 million to get by.

Me: Sure you do.

Beth: And I pray to God about it, and tell him that I should win because I'll do good things with it. I mean, I'm not going to teach blind kids to ride horses or anything, but I'll buy Mimi her hair do every few months. I'll be generous.

Me: You're a good egg.

Beth: Yeah.


beth said...

I hope Mom reads this when they write out their will!!

Lisa said...

Funny! I so want to go to your family gatherings. I bet they are hysterically funny.

Veronica said...

Kathy S. gave me the link to your blog last week and I think my husband is jealous I'm cheating on him with it. Seriously, its like a book I can't put down. While I have no immediate plans to stay home with my three year old and baby to be, you give me hope that a working woman can go from office chick to full time keeper of the bodily fluids and still stay classy. ;) Thanks for the laughs, keep 'em comin'!

PS. I interned at your old agency like a billion years ago in media (when Elizabeth went from intern to employee).

Hannah said...

Thanks, Veronica! Yes, I remember you - dark brown hair, right? Didn't you get a job working for our client in Fenton?

Veronica said...

Sorry. I had to take a really long blog hiatus; it was becoming a problem in my marriage and had my daughter asking if Hannah is her new baby sister. ;)
Yes, I did get a job with your Fenton client and I'm still here, missing the days of casual/free soda Fridays. Don't freak out as I may spend my entire evening catching up on your posts and making comments from time to time. I swear I'm not stalking you... really... NO REALLY. :)