Scale of truth - week 3

Miles ran: 7.2
Plates of rancid shrimp and cheese dip eaten: 1
Pizzas eaten: too many to count

Ok, so it's only down .2 from last week but I have been dealing with a minor set back. By minor set back I mean I had my first period since 2009 last week and I basically spent the majority of the week curled up on the couch crippled by mind numbing cramps watching my Dirty Dancing collector's edition while I poured the salt shaker in my mouth.

The thought of actually standing up, much less quickly putting one foot in front of the other, made me want to wretch.

But all of that is behind us now so it's back to business.


angie duclos said...

I like to get on the scale and subtract the possible weight of my boobs and uterus..just to even it out with the male species. How is it that a 165 male looks super model thin?! I don't get it.

Hannah said...

Well technically if we're going to even the playing field we should also remove the brain.