Run for the border


I've been saving up for a new fancy camera but I wanted to share this picture I took on Christmas Eve with my old crappy camera.

Speaking of saving up, this would be the perfect time to mention my new partnership with a website called Her Channel.

You may have noticed a new media bar at the top of my page. Well don't just look at it - click on it you fool! In addition to having access to lots and lots of awesome videos about food and kids and stuff you will be contributing to my camera fund. I get paid like $28 for every 100,000 page views. To-date I've had 3,702 people visit my blog... so let's see here... carry the one... I before E except after C... it puts the lotion in the basket... ok. So if each of you could please watch 4,356 videos then I'll be 1/9 of the way closer to a new Canon Rebel.


Now back to my story.

Lila had just finished signing autographs following her Oscar worthy performance as baby Jesus and the three of us (Ellie, Lila and me - Nick had to work all weekend) were all soaking wet from walking to the car in the driving snow.

Now would probably be a good time to mention that I am probably the world's worst snow driver. Some have called it "dangerous", "irresponsible" and "life threatening" for me to be on the road when it's snowing. I've also heard the words "path of destruction" uttered from time to time. But the show must go on and a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do. Lives of her children and others on the road be damned.

We made it there ok but the drive home was a whole different story.

You know that person driving about 3 miles per hour down the middle of the road, wipers blasting full throttle, one foot on the gas and one on the break, driver's seat pushed up against the steering wheel, squinting eyes about two inches from the windshield so she can get a better look?

Well that's me - nice to meet you. Next time if you could just please wave instead of honking and yelling about how much I suck out your window that would be great.

We were slipping this way and sliding that, and by some stroke of luck we slid right through the Taco Bell drive through so I could get a little Christmas Eve snack.

We live at the top of a hill and my poor little Accord was making these straining noises like 8 tiny reindeer pulling a big ole Santa as the tires tried to spin their way to find asphalt to get some traction. I just remember thinking that every foot we made it was a foot that I didn't have to carry two kids and a bag full of Taco Bell up a hill in ankle deep snow.

In high heels.

With no socks.

I know, I know... I've already gotten the "you need to carry a pair of boots, hat, scarf, blanket, emergency flares and Saint Bernard in your trunk for situations such as this" from my Mom.

By some miracle we made it home and in between putting the girls to bed and digging into my grilled stuft burrito I put on my boots and stood in the back yard for a few minutes, watching the falling snow and counting my blessings.

And by blessings I mean dollops of sour cream on my Nacho Bell Grande. And my blessings abound, my friends. My blessings abound.