The lesser of all evils

Yesterday Ellie was coloring in her new coloring book titled "Barbie - A Fashion Fairytale Sparkling Style" that her aunt Elizabeth gave her for Christmas.

She was in the middle of coloring a page across the room and she kept stopping and pointing to it and saying "mommy daddy mommy daddy". Of course I thought when I walked over to look it would be a nice picture of a glammed up Barbie, ready for a big fashion event with a dapper Ken on her side.


The best I can hope for in this scenario is to be the particularly effeminate Ken. Which leaves Nick as the obese fat ass backwoods trucker or the girl swine.

Maybe I need to change out of my pajamas more often.


Leslie said...

Why is Justin Bieber in a barbie coloring book?

Hannah said...

Yeah really! They could have made him look less like a pig, though.