The invisible moustache

Well, that's the last time I ever do THAT.

35 likes in one day? It's like you people have never read anything funny before. If I hear or read one more thing about how my friend Jen is SO hilarious or how she should start her own blog I'm going to barf.


I won a major award, damn it!

She is dead to me.

And to make my day even better, apparently my beautiful girl has some sort of moustache invisible only to me. I took her with me to Ellie's music class this morning where THREE people asked me what HIS name was. It would be different if I had dressed her in a pair of cargo pants and a KD Lang concert t-shirt.

But she wasn't. She had a pink hat and I was carrying her in this.

One person even, after I answered that HER name was Lillian asked me how old he was.


I had the same problem with Ellie, though, and luckily she turned out to look relatively normal.

Though she has shown an unusual interest in watching college softball on TV.


Emily said...

People are stupid. End of story.

beth said...

at least you were able to grow your hair out so people don't still think you are a boy! ha ha!