The Time

Beth: I can't believe you told the world about how I had explosive diarrhea on the side of the highway.

Me: Don't worry - it's only a few thousand people and at least I didn't tell them about the REALLY embarrassing time.

Beth: What time is that? The time it happened in Florida by a swamp and I almost got eaten by an alligator?

Me: You didn't almost get eaten by an alligator. I guarantee the alligator has a much scarier story for his friends than you after that little episode. I was talking about the time that you were in the middle of a home visit for one of your special needs kids and you had to throw your business card at them and run out the door with your laptop but only made it about 1/2 mile from their house. Then they went out for groceries and pulled up behind you and stopped to ask if you were ok and you hid your head under the car and waved and yelled for them to go on.

Beth: Oh yeah, thank god you didn't tell anyone about that time.

I told you that one day I would exact my revenge for pouring a container of salt on my banana cream pie when I was 15.

Now we're even.


Kari said...

Maybe you should get her a portable toilet for Christmas - that would be the sisterly thing to do. And really, who doesn't want a toilet for Christmas?

Steph said...

I wondered how the original "reveal" was going to play out with your sister!

Thanks for the update! hahahahahhaha!

and the revenge explanation--LOVE IT!

beth said...

I just want you to know that we are sooooo not even here Sis-

beth said...

Also i would like to take this time to thank the maker of baby wipes-
thats all-