Road Apple Crisp



These cookies were supposed to look like the picture (right). A nice festive bunch of appetizing mint chocolate chip delights I baked for my neighbors to prove I'm not a total loser despite the fact that our house has more weed than The Yin Yang Twins.

Instead they look like what was left on the street after the State Fair 4th of July parade of horses.

But at least they taste ok, right?


I don't know how, but I managed to burn the shit out of the bottom while the tops are still doughy.


F. F. F. F.


Hannah said...

P.S. - I mean picture (left). I always get my lefts and rights mixed up.

beth said...

you said your house has more weed-
whats going on at your house???

Hannah said...

I meant "weeds" - you know, like dandilions? Crab grass? It's really embarrassing in the summer.

Amy Trapp said...

At least you're trying, right? lol... Not sure if you remember one of my posts several months ago -- but it had to do with a failed gluten free cupcake attempt in which I experienced my 4 year old turn down finishing a cupcake....

Hannah said...

Oh yes, Amy. I remember. Nick tried to choke one of the cookies down and pretend like he liked it so I wouldn't get discouraged and stop cooking. Too late.