Dance monkey dance


Wow - it seems like only yesterday that I was a lost little lamb, fumbling my way through my newfound job at stay-at-home momdom, staring out the window mentally willing Nick's car to pull into the driveway as I self-medicated with a stack of pancakes and a bottle of Old Crow.

Wait, that WAS yesterday.

But it's hard to believe that as of today I've officially been doing this job for a whole year.

Really? Has it only been a year? Seems more like two. Ten.

Career highlights of my job as full-time Mom include:

-Mastering the art of macaroni and cheese (tip: dump the water BEFORE adding the powdery stuff... you're welcome)
-That one time I cleaned the bathroom. Thought about cleaning the bathroom.
-Cultivating positive and mutually beneficial working relationships with the voices in my head

As 2010 draws to a close I can't help but to reflect on the past year, a majority of which included me ignoring Nick's pleas to stop airing my dirty laundry on this blog. But I can't tell you how awesome it's been to have connected with so many other people out there who like pancakes and Old Crow as much as I do.

I spent some time perusing through some past posts and reminiscing about old times spent debating the pros and cons of electing to do a c-section vs. pushing Lila out of my business, the rude and awkward comments made to me as my belly overtook the world, exploring my rib cage through the crack in my nipple... good times.

And it got me to wondering... what's YOUR favorite post? I installed a 'Like' button to appear at the bottom of each story a couple of months ago so I can get some sort of a gauge of what direction you want this monkey to dance but maybe there's an older post that you really enjoyed?

I would love for you to comment on this post and let me know which has been your favorite. I'll take nominations until some time early next week when people stop commenting and then I'll make a little poll like I did with the nose ring.

If you don't remember the specific title of the post you can just tell me what it was about. And you'll have to be more specific than "baby drowning in explosive poop", "old balls" or "wine". That would just about cover the whole thing.


Emily said...

Loved your video of how Ellie came to be! All of your videos are great actually. I can't pick the best post, they all make me laugh so hard. Thanks again. To think I was the only one who pondered what time in the afternoon is 'too early' to break out the wine. Did I say afternoon...I meant morning.

Unknown said...

nick stole your pillowcase so he didn't have to use the one with broken glass in it! hilarious. oh, and i know this wasn't funny for you, but i remember cracking up hysterically: when ellie said, "moooooo." i know you know which blog that was.

CarrieS. said...

I have 2 favorites. First one is your very first post, since you started this particular blog, it's called "the beat goes on". Hysterically funny, very honest and because it was the first post after you became a Mom for the first time with Ellie. I can still remember reading it and immediately calling my mom so I could read it to her. My second is the one called "my infinite wisdom", Because these are the kind of lists people need to print out and actually follow.

michelle said...

I love this, and I love you. I don't remember my favorite. I don't remember how I found you. I don't even remember exactly when I found you. I need to go back and read all of your posts. With four young twerps and a brand new job, and a new city to discover and house to unpack, that likely won't happen in the next 12 months. If I do somehow develop insomnia, it might, though. I'm looking forward to that. You are the best. You are the voice in my head.

Kitty said...

I personally laughed my ass off at the Sweet Baby Jesus post. :-)

Hannah said...

Sorry, Kitty - I tried to add it but it wouldn't let me because the voting had already started. I'll mentally add that, though!

AReneeJ said...

I'm late on this, but the post that had me laughing hysterically at my desk was The Routine. I even called my sister and attempted to read it to her but was laughing to hard for her to understand me, so at a certain point she just hung up in frustration. I eventually emailed it to her and she called me dying of laughter after reading. Good stuff.

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