Perhaps the most interesting thing about this abomination called dinner is that it actually smells edible.

Next time I'll work on mastering at least two of the five senses.


Hannah said...

It was supposed to be a cheesy chicken hash and look like this:


Instead it looks more like this:


Emily said...

I just found your blog...my son is in his swing napping (I'm a really great mom...I promise...) I LOVE it. I had to go back and read your past entries. I was laughing out loud and woke up Henry (said son). Shit. I started blogging after I had Henry, not knowing this whole "mom blogging" thing was such a huge thing! I'm over at RealNewMom.blogspot.com. Once again, thanks for your blog, I will def be back :)

Hannah said...

Well, sorry you woke up your son. I find Children's Benadryl is a very effective tool for getting things done. I'll definitely check out your blog!