Pants of truth

Happy Friday people!

As I mentioned a few days ago, this week was my first official week of getting back into pre-baby shape. Or as I also like to call it - What The Fuck Just Popped In My Back, or I Didn't Know I Could Hurt There.

I realized that I have a long, long way to go. I mean, I can't even keep my water bottle in the drink holder on the treadmill because when I run I shake the treadmill so hard that it keeps falling off.

I actually think my low point came yesterday in the middle of my abs class when it felt like someone was taking a blow torch to my jelly roll and the instructor said "Ok! We've almost got those abs warmed up!"

It was around this time that I seriously considered staking out her car, flattening her tires, then using whatever instrument I used to flatten her tires to stab her in the face. Many times.

Anyhoo, I have decided to implement a new segment on the blog that I'm calling "Pants of Truth". I have a pair of jeans that I love that as you can see here I used to wear with ease. No lube or jaws of life necessary to squeeze in or pry out.

My goal is to one day fit into these jeans again. I realize it might never happen, but what better motivation to fit into a pair of jeans than sharing a picture of yourself not fitting in those jeans with thousands of people.

Which is exactly what I'm going to do every Friday.

So here's week one.

You can see Lila in her little co-sleeper behind me vomiting at the sight of the back side.

It's not pretty. But that's just how it is with the Pants of Truth. Nobody said it would be pretty.


Kimberly said...

Hannah, you have a lot of shoes. I didn't even notice the pants I am drooling too much over your shoes!!!

Andi said...

pants of truth... i love it! sadly i too own a pair of those. at least you can get them over your thighs. you can't have that much to lose - you look fantastic!

beth said...

i just got a baggy shirt to foil everyone....woohahahaha!

Hannah said...

Huber - sadly, those shoes have just been gathering dust for the past year because the only one who wears them is Ellie when she goes out to the club.
Andi - yes, I can get them over my thighs but they're not even close to being able to button.