Friday Fun Day


In the past 11 months I have come to realize that this city has a seedy underground of other people who don't have to work. There are all kinds of people but those that I'm most intimidated by are the other Moms who seem to know everyone there is to know and every place there is to go with their kids. It actually reminds me a little of high school, minus the clarinet and Vanilla Ice haircut.

Don't be jealous of my awesome high school years.

Anyhoo, a few of my friends have also recently had babies so lucky for me that I have some other people to start exploring this new world with and I don't have to look like a total loser.

Also different than high school, by the way.

I started a play group a few weeks back and sometimes we hit the town, sometimes we sit around and drink wine and sometimes we do both. Friday happened to be a day of both.

Every Friday Faust Park has an awesome puppet show and then the kids get to ride on the carousel. Ellie happens to love talking animals and moving horses so it was the perfect combination.

I thought it was cool as well except for one little thing. As I mentioned, last Thursday night I had a lot of Mexican food and a lot of Mexican beer. I wasn't hung over on Friday but a morning trip through the McDonald's drive through was necessary.

You know what I'm talking about.

So I wasn't feeling tip top and when we boarded the carousel the announcer informed us that this happened to be one of the fastest carousels in the world.

Holy hell. So it was.

About half way through I caught a reflection of myself in the mirror and I looked like a really sweaty Grinch. I looked over at my friend Brandy and she looked like the Grinch's sister and I knew our fun was quickly coming to an end. I started to taste McMuffin on the back of my tongue and I thought it might be about time to to map out my escape route.

Of course I put on a brave face for a pic so one day I can explain to Ellie what it means to rally.

We made it off relatively unscathed so of course the only logical thing to do was hit Harpo's and discuss the event over beers, which is Lila's favorite thing to do.

Ellie needs to learn some self-control, though.