The Newborn Identity

I'm so tired I may die.

I can actually feel the spot where my eyeballs attach to my brain and it burns like love lost. Ellie has thrown so many tantrums today that I think the neighbors called the police. Which is fine with me. I would welcome jail because there's a possibility that I could take a nap, shower, have someone bring me a sandwich and pee without anyone sitting on my lap.

The sleepiness is intercepting my thoughts as they make their way from my head to my fingers so I'm just going to leave you this Friday with a happy little video that if were on VHS would be worn to the threads from watching it over and over so many times the past seven months.

I'm going to get a milkshake. And put some bourbon in it.

Happy weekend.


Melissa said...

When I welcomed you to the Monkey House, I meant it. But believe me, IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER! It really does.

Hannah said...

That's the only think that keeps me going. The thought that it gets better.