Apparently I thought this baby was either going to stay 7 pounds forever or come out spewing bodily fluids nonstop because I went WAY overboard on the newborn diapers.

When I was pregnant every time I went to the store I would pick up another pack - it was like diaper therapy. At least I would have one thing covered when the baby came home.

Now that she has graduated to the size ones we have newborn diapers coming out our ears.

Oh, what's that? I can return them if I have the receipt? Yeah, that was my first thought too. I just spent 30 minutes sifting through all of my 2010 receipts and apparently I thought maybe that latte I bought from Bread Company last February might need to be returned someday but not the cases of diapers I bought.

I hate hate hate wasting things and Nick has pounced on my thriftiness and is trying to use this as a reason to have #3.

I have been busy finding alternate uses - snow hats, mulch, gutter cleaners, wrapping paper, place mats, kindling... the list goes on and on.


beth said...

This is so funny- i found a receipt from 2008 in my purse last weekend-this is also why we brought you newborn diapers-hahahaha!

Hannah said...

Yeah thanks - about 1/2 the pile in front of that big case are from you!