The Good 'Ole Days


As I mentioned, last week I went to the maternity store to buy a new nursing bra where they measured me and promptly sent me straight to the Bass Pro Shop to purchase a two man pup tent.

As you might expect with a maternity store there were a lot of pregnant women hanging around. I'm guessing that most of the women in there were first-time Moms because by the second pregnancy the novelty of spending money on clothes you'll only wear for three months has worn off and you just wear gas station t-shirts and your husband's tighty whities.

Anyhoo, there they were, all fat and swollen and happy and basking in the attention that used to be mine.

As I stood in the checkout line sandwiched between bellies and talk of due dates and hemorrhoids and kankles I began to get very nostalgic. Ok... jealous.

I know - call me crazy. After weeks of searing heat so heinous that I could taste sweat in the swimming pool, the sensation that my hips were being cracked apart every night, the charlie horses, the heartburn... I was so jealous of these women it almost made me tear up.

Despite the complaining there were so many things I loved about being pregnant. Walking into any situation and immediately being the center of attention. The presents. Old friends who I hadn't heard from in forever calling on a regular basis just to check in. Eating anything I wanted. And oh yeah the incredible feeling of housing a growing miracle was pretty cool too.

But mainly the getting to eat anything I wanted and presents.

I remember having the same feeling after Ellie was born. It took us almost 17 months to get pregnant with her and getting pregnant had become such an all-consuming goal that once it was over I almost felt lost. Somewhere along the way the prize had shifted from baby to pregnant.

Hence part of the reason I was pregnant again 6 months later. The other part was that "Let's Rub Mommy's Feet" is really a three person game.

I'm not saying I'm going to do anything crazy like get pregnant any time soon. This morning's visit to the doctor where Ellie cried so hard she threw up and pooped her pants from seeing Lila get a shot pretty much made me want to sew my vagina shut.

All I'm saying is that next time I'm going to savor every charlie horse.