The first time your baby sleeps through the night is the single most terrifying moment of your life.

This morning was the first time in 11 months that I've woken up on my own accord. No screaming bladder, no screaming baby.

For a mili-second I was 28 again, waking up after a long and peaceful slumber without a care in the world. But then I wondered why my boobs had their own pulse and in an instant it all came flooding back to me that I had a baby and she had been silent for the past 9 hours and was dead and I was going to prison.

So I reached over and jostled her until she cried and then I felt better.

Of course the fact that I hadn't fed her for 10 hours presented another issue. It was like a caterpillar trying to take a sip out of a fire hose. At one point Nick rolled over and told me that it sounded like a Ghoulie was eating an elephant carcass over on my side of the bed.

That's the thanks I get.


beth said...

I can't believe you brought up the Ghoulies-i just got over being scared to death of those things! thanks a lot!
i know what you mean-Tucker sounds like a pig eating slop when he goes a long time!