Whether or Not...


Today Ellie and I went to the botanical gardens on what might be our last solo excursion of the year.

And I call bullshit.

All winter we waited. Staring out the window as the wind whipped witches tits into mini cyclones in the front yard, me promising Ellie (and myself) that summer will be here soon. Eventually we will be able to leave the house. I do not regret quitting my job. Summer will be here soon. Eventually we will be able to leave the house. I do not regret quitting my job. (Repeat for seven hours until Nick walks in the door and I put on my I'm Totally Sane But Please Don't Ever Ever Ever Leave Me Again face).

Summer FINALLY arrived, and we took full advantage of all St. Louis had to offer.

For about a week.

Then the temperature lurched into what rivaled the fiery pits of Hell and again we were quarantined to the playroom, looking wistfully outside as cacti melted into the ground.

One morning I was so fed up with the weather that I decided to defy it and we went to the park. By 9:00am it was over 90 degrees and by the time we walked back home her face was covered in heat rash and my kankles were speaking Chinese.

So finally the weather has been beaten into submission and we have about four days until my due date comes and life as we know it will once again come to a screeching halt.

Four days.


Despite the fact that I'm pretty sure this baby is so close to coming out it could scratch my ass if I asked it nicely we are taking full advantage of this cooler weather and every baby-free day we have left.

Last week we met up with Nick at the zoo and it was glorious. Except for the part where Ellie completely freaked out on the Train of Baby Death.

And today as I huffed and puffed up a flower covered hill, telling myself to enjoy these last few days but secretly praying for one of the ferns in the Japanese Garden to pull out a rifle and shoot me, I saw this.

You gotta love an old couple who still holds hands. It made my day - hope you enjoy it as well.

Oh, and I know what you're thinking and yes - I do take pictures of random unsuspecting people. In fact, I've become a master of my craft. I have an entire album titled "Thongs Gone Wrong."

But that's for another post.