My Diaper is Full... Full of Fashion


So my no TV for Ellie rule has gone down in a blaze of glory. But cut me some slack, people. Rainy days + big ole belly... we can only play Rub Mommy's Feet so many times.

Yesterday after we had our fourth staring contest I finally broke down and turned on Baby Einstein. Then Sesame Street. Then Baby Story. Then Locked Up Abroad.

In my defense I tried to find shows that taught valuable lessons, like the letter B and why not to smuggle cocaine across the Japanese border.

She's a very perceptive kid, though, and after I decided the TV levels were just about to launch her into a lifetime of facial ticks and Ritalin breakfasts I turned off the TV and without hesitation she waddled over and flipped it right back on like it was her job.

At first I thought this was going to be problematic but I've found that it actually comes in very handy to have a back up in case we lose the remote and Maury is coming on.

Another valuable lesson learned from Maury - condom use. Or at the very least keeping track of your cycles well enough to know if you get knocked up you can pin it on the right guy.

Oh, and yes - those are denim diapers she is sporting. Thanks Uncle Josh.