Last night while eating dinner out:

Nick: Remember when we didn't have to shovel food in our face with one hand and try to keep the baby from having an atomic meltdown causing an angry mob of restaurant customers to rush us with their cutlery with the other?

Me: No.

Nick: Me either. (takes a long draw from his beer while wearing Old McDonald hand puppet book)


Lisa said...

Ahhh memories.

You know, when your kids are in their teens and are all "oh mah GOD Mom. I can't believe you want me to go out in PUBLIC with you and, like EAT". You might almost miss this. (Course then again, you'll get to savor a cocktail. So maybe you won't. hehe.) Either way, you'll laugh knowingly at those couples with little kids doing the same things you used to do. (When I see young couples doing that stuff. I always elbow the hubby and say, "hey, remember that?" And our kid's only 8. So its not like you'll even have to wait until their teens.)