The Rascal


I think every Mom starts out with nothing but the best of intentions for keeping their child healthy. When I was pregnant with Ellie I had all sorts of lofty dreams about developing a partnership with the blender to transform my child into a nutritional powerhouse.

Fast forward 15 months to my birthday last week when, for a very sketchy 24-hour period she ate almost nothing but cake. I know what you're thinking, and just go ahead and try to deny this little face.

Plus, she's SO cute without teeth.

Of course this is not an everyday occasion but I had a big reality check yesterday when I read my weekly Parents magazine email update. I also like to refer to these weekly knowledge nuggets as "Here's an email about what the good Moms are doing and why you suck."

There was a list of "good" and "bad" foods to give kids, and unfortunately many (ok all) of our meals dip into the wrong category.

Don't call DFS just yet - I would never give her soda - but chicken nuggets and hot dogs are a staple in our household.

What? It's chicken! Chicken's healthy, right? Especially when it has all of that yummy breading fried on.

And hot dogs? Hot dogs are... well what the hell are hot dogs made out of, anyway?

Ok, point taken.

This morning I had the opportunity to attend the Save-A-Lot grand opening on Page Ave, and in addition to doing some awesome things for the community and local food banks they may have actually saved my baby from a life dependant on insulin and tooling around town with her ham hocks spilling over her Rascal.

I got some great ideas for healthy lunches for kids (all under $1 each, to boot). Upon cross-referencing their list with the "healthy" category given to me by Parents magazine I found that all include several of the recommended foods.

Here are some of their under $1 fantastic lunch ideas:

  • Peanut butter and jelly on wheat, yogurt dip w/ fresh fruit, granola bar & Splash Out Fruit Drink
  • Beef ravioli, baby carrots w/ light ranch dip, Fruit Flips Snacks & bottled water
  • Turkey sandwich on wheat bread, pretzels, raisins & Splash Out Fruit Drink
  • Tortilla filled with cream cheese and ham, banana, yogurt & bottled water

And I was able to purchase each lunch for under $1 for everything - score!

To celebrate my new passion for Ellie's healthy lifestyle, I'm giving away a $50 Save-A-Lot gift card to one lucky reader. Just go to their website and tell me one of the products listed under their dollar menu. Then email that to me at with the subject line Save-A-Lot. Deadline for entries is August 12 at noon.

And don't worry - no one will judge you if you spend the whole $50 on chocolate cupcakes.


Lisa Stokes said...

Love the picture! I wish I could get my daughter to eat something other than plain noodles, Mac N Cheese and grilled cheese!

Hannah said...

Lisa - I hear you. Ellie has about four foods in her rotation of "acceptable meal options" and none of them are green.