Pillow Talk: Part Two


Me: (Entering the bedroom) I'm scared to even ask why my pillow case is missing.

Nick: Well, remember that lamp that I dropped at 4:30 this morning? That pillow was on the floor and I thought it might have gotten some glass on it so it's being washed.

Me: Ummm, ok. So two things:

1. By 'being washed' you actually mean 'I put in the laundry basket for you to take care of tomorrow', correct?

2. YOU take MY pillow and give me, the mother of your children, who is 8 1/2 months pregnant and in desperate need of sleep because I was jolted awake at 4:30 this morning by a lamp shattering next to my face, a pillow that may or may not still have remnants of glass shards in it instead of getting me a new one.

Nick: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz