Love's Labours Lost


Good evening ladies and gentlemen... it's the moment you've all been waiting for - the third and final act of The Pregnancy!

When we last left her in Act 2, our heroine Big Ole Preggie was in distress as she hid from the pitch fork wielding angry mob bombarding her with questions like: "It's not fathomable that you're only 27 weeks... LIAR! Yours is the belly of an overdue rhinoceros!" and "What's that smell? It's as if someone left a stringer of trout in a tanning bed! I think it's coming over there from Big Ole Preggie... who let her have bratwurst? She must be stopped!"

It's an act filled with suspense! Will Swamp Boob and Swamp Belly finally sign a peace treaty, banishing the pesky border restriction and unite forces to create one giant hot wet swampy mess that extends from Big Ole Preggie's shirt to her pants?

It's an act filled with mystery! What happened to Ellie's other shoe? Will Big Ole Preggie find it stuck to her butt? A butt that has now become so ravenous that it sprouted arms which it uses to grab and attempt to eat household items? A butt that has become so large and padded that Big Ole Preggie didn't even notice when a child's shoe became stuck to it for over 1/2 hour?

It's an act filled with intrigue! How can one woman eat so many pancakes? Is that treadmill actually moving, or is Big Ole Preggie just standing on it while she watches TV? Will the scale be able to withstand her weight much longer?

It's an act filled with fun and whimsy! Sit back and chuckle as that crazy Baby Mayer grabs her top hat, tails and a rubber mallet and performs a sadistic tap dance on Big Ole Preggie's bladder every time she considers standing up!

And finally, it's an act guaranteed to be chalk full of romance... will Nick survive as Big Ole Preggie's hormones attempt to slash his windpipe and bring him to an early demise when she stumbles upon an empty container of ice cream?

Stick around for the exciting conclusion!