My Little Gnome-Mad

Being a Full-Time Mom in the summer is a whole different ballgame than being a Full-Time Mom in the winter. The fact that when we wake up and there's not 50 feet of snow barricading the door shut or wind chill of -50 slapping our faces means that we have an exciting world of opportunity waiting for us to explore right outside our doorstep. And believe it or not, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know St. Louis in a whole new way.

And by whole new way I mean that I was unaware that there was anything in this city besides buildings that serve food and delicious liquids that make me want to take off my shirt and sing in front of an audience of complete strangers.

It's just the two of us explorers which is nice, because if either one of us have a meltdown we have a mutual understanding that we just pack it up and leave. Or pack it up and go to Ted Drewes.

However, the side effect of our dynamic duo is that there's no one to take the pictures to commemorate our trip, so I have a bunch of pictures reminiscent of the traveling gnome phenomenon.

This is where Baby #2 is going to come in handy in September. I'll teach her how to point and click in no time.

Here's just a few shots from our recent adventures, and yes, she's crying in the last one because the custard is gone. It was an extra large.

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