Love Letters


Dear Ellie,

In honor of your turning 13 months old, here are just 13 of the 1,000,000 things that I love about you.

I love that:

A. You sometimes grab the sippie cup with your teeth and give your head a quick and vigorous shake back and forth when you drink it, like you did with your bottle when you were a baby.
B. You're not into hugging and kissing, but you'll give me a nice pat on the shoulder every now and then. You've definitely inherited my need for personal space.
C. I can wet, gel, pomade, hair spray, mash, stomp, steam roll and lick your hair down but when it dries it still stands straight up on top, as if you were just struck by lightning.
D. You squeal and wave your arms whenever you see a dog or cat, but then immediately look up at me to make sure I saw it too.
E. The closed-mouth smirk you have that reminds me of your Dad that gives him away when he's up to no good.
F. Your crib could be burning down around you, but if I were to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" you would still put your fingers together and try to do the motions.
G. You are quick to applaud yourself for a job well done.
H. The little white whisker that keeps growing out of your cheek, although I've plucked it like 1,000 times.
I. You look so grown up with a pair of tennis shoes on, but you look so little when you sleep.
J. You are the only one who always laughs at my jokes.
K. The look on your face when you hear the garage door opening and know that your Dad is about to walk in.
L. You can eat an entire Chipotle burrito, though the aftermath is wretched.
M. And finally, I love how patient you've been with me over the past year, and that you've stuck with me through mistake after mistake as I learn how to be a Mom. Your little sister definitely owes you a beer in about 20 years.


CarrieS. said...

Hey! I laugh at all of your jokes:)