Black Eyed Hannah


This morning I returned home from the gym (yes, I still go to the gym every morning, but only to combat my five a day Frosty habit) to find this cute little bundle of Black Eyed Susans outside my garage.

I'll admit it - I had to browse through a lot of Google images before I identified what brand they were.

I immediately recognized them as a part of the bunch that was mercifully transplanted from my yard into my neighbors' a few weeks back. Except now they actually had colors and petals and leaves and weren't feeling around the yard for a stray razor blade to end their miserable flower lives.

I'm still trying to pinpoint the identity of the clear, odorless liquid in the bottom of the milk carton that seems to be their life source.

Initially I was extremely touched by what seemed to be a friendly and innocent gesture from our neighbors, but now I recognize it for what it really is. An undercover operation to infiltrate the yard perimeter and rescue the tomato plant.