Umm, Excuse Me Sir, But I Beleive Your Pants Are On Fire.


After a long, hard day, this was my closing conversation with Nick last night before we fell asleep:

Me: Thanks for putting Ellie to bed.

Nick: No problem. You owe me.

Me: Obviously. Because me taking care of her for the past 13 hours is way easier than you placing her in her crib. Did you read her a story?

Nick: Yes.

Me: Did you brush her teeth?

Nick: (Exasperated) Yes!

Me: Did she bite your finger through the finger brush?

Nick: Yeah, it hurt!

Me: Oh, I know it hurts - that's why I threw the finger brush away two weeks ago and bought her a Piglet toothbrush.

Nick: I meant I used the Piglet toothbrush.

Me: Why didn't you brush her teeth?

Nick: Because I didn't feel like it.

That's right Ellie - this is your shining example of a role model.


CarrieS. said...

Haha! Dr. Nick. I guess he figures she's going to lose those teeth anyway and get a whole new set. So why bother? Love it Hannah! Laughed the whole time.

Unknown said...

It's sooooo familiar.


Hannah said...

Yes, Nick is already creating Vicki's next customer.