Sex and St. Louis


Most days if you were to hand me a magical gender changing wand I would wave it faster than you could say "mensutral cramps." Not that being a man is without its problems, but there are definitely more drawbacks to being a woman.

If you disagree, please allow me to present exhibit A - every family gathering in the history of the world. The men are chatting it up and drinking beer while the women are chasing after and feeding the kids after having spent the entire day peeling microscopic pieces of shell off of hard boiled eggs. Then we have to do the dishes.

I will also be happy to send you pictures of exhibits B and C from the delivery room in a few months, complete with anatomical diagram of what used to be where.

Anyhoo, this weekend was totally a point for the pink team - the new Sex and the City movie came out. I love the series and the movies because I am a woman and I am breathing.

Also, what's better than a legitimate excuse to drink pink vodka in a movie theater, or in my case, eat a crapload of nachos and watch your friends drink pink vodka in a movie theater, then go to a poolside premiere party with pink lights and pink carpet and pink fashion awards and talk about outfits and boys? Then swing your large, pregnant belly around a dance floor until you hear your back begin to sob and watch your feet blow up like little life rafts right before your very eyes?

I loved it so much I caught the matinee the next day for more. It being the nachos, obviously.

Oh, and I know what you're thinking, and I'm getting it cut and colored on Wednesday.