Cinco de Mayo


When you discover you're pregnant, especially with a girl, there are three major life expenses that you begin planning for on day one:

1. Wedding
2. College
3. Therapy

Well, MOST people begin planning for. God love my parents, who think weddings are a waste of money and got married in my Grandparents' living room, and who thought working two jobs to put myself through college would build character.

In their defense, though, we did spend a fair amount of money on therapy.

Anyhoo, something that I was in no way prepared for was our first major expense... the milestone of the first birthday.

When I was a kid we celebrated birthdays by inviting the neighbor kids over and eating a $1.50 Betty Crocker cake. Then if things got crazy we might run through the sprinkler a couple of times.

But these days... these days are a different story. What started as a small little gathering ended up exploding into a party of gargantuan proportions, with over 100 people drinking keg beer, hitting pinatas and jumping in the bounce house. All at the same time. When all was said and done, this party cost twice as much as my first car.

Oh, and did I mention that Ellie had a huge meltdown after a half hour and so we put her to bed, where she slept until the next morning?

But who are we kidding? These parties are not for the kids anyway. Though she did seem to enjoy the keg beer, she would have been happy eating a free cookie from Schnucks and watching the dog next door take a dump. She's a cheap date.

One of the highlights, however, was the gender reveal of Baby #2. We found out that we are going to have another girl, and therefore another wedding and even more therapy to pay for. Oh, and another first birthday.